KBB installers ‘closer’ to mandatory regulation

Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom fitters could be subject to government regulation for basic standards, according to BiKBBI chief executive Damian Walters.

Walters, speaking at today’s BiKBBI annual conference in London, said that he was “fairly certain” that the industry was closer to some form of mandatory regulation.

“This of course could be great,” he said, “but equally it could be destructive, and I guess that’s where we as an industry have the opportunity to shape our own destiny, avoiding potentially clumsy, albeit well intentioned government intervention.”

Walters said that standards “must dictate everything in the industry”, with clear benchmarks not just for quality but also to use in dispute resolutions.

“Reputable industries need defined standards, especially those as complex as ours,” he said. “While certain standards are in place for much of the home improvement sector, sadly kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installation remains largely unregulated and without barrier to entry, leaving the door wide open to infiltration from untrained, unknown opportunists.”

The BiKBBI is working on the 2024 edition of its Industry Standards & Guidelines, this time accessible through the organisation’s app. The BiKBBI has also relaunched its independent inspection service – which was suspended during the Covid lockdowns.

“Our intention remains to not only set a high standard for conduct and service, but to bring together legislation, regulation, best practices, with existing standards from across the home improvement sector.  This is a huge, but exciting piece of work,” Walters said.

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