kbb 2024: ArtiCAD is developing technologies to directly benefit retailers

Theresa Turner, marketing director, ArtiCAD

Q: How’s business compared with last year?

A: ArtiCAD had the most successful year in the company’s history last year in terms of sales turnover, product innovation, team enhancement and collaboration. We benefited enormously from changes in our specific software marketplace, whereby retailers and manufacturers were seeking a dependable software partner able to provide a high-quality, single sales lead generation to post-installation solution for kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms. This year has started much more strongly than we had anticipated, with inbound UK sales leads up by over 60%, compared with January 2023.

Customers have reported that showroom footfall slowed in November, but for many it recovered in December and January has started well.  

Q: What are the main challenges facing your sector and how are you tackling them?

A: It’s fair to say that our sector has been facing turmoil over the past year, as suppliers restructure and changes impact their customers, in some cases catastrophically. We have been busy recruiting additional resources and upskilling our great team to thrive under sharply increased demand but this is, of course, a very positive challenge. The pace of our own software devel­opment and catalogue production has also increased dramatically to ensure we can satisfy the influx of new customers but this innovation will also benefit all of our customers, new and existing.

Q: How do you think the relationship between supplier and retailer is changing?

A: I think that retailers increasingly recognise the benefits in forging ever-closer relationships with their chosen supplier partners and suppliers are investing in more initiatives to support their retail customers and to prevent a repeat of the supply issues that plagued the market in recent years. 

At ArtiCAD. we’re developing technologies for a number of suppliers, that are designed to directly benefit their retail channel partners, while the benefits for the supplier are less direct. There are many more examples. 

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