Sensio unveils its latest lighting innovations

Lighting specialist Sensio was showcasing three new product patents that will soon be making an appearance on the market.

For kitchens, Sensio debuted a new cable-free lighting system for kitchen furniture that uses a magnetic track to trigger individual lights that can be positioned anywhere along it.

Sensio says the system provides easy installation and, even once installed, allows for individual lights to be repositioned.

In bathrooms, Sensio was showcasing a new mirror that has a removable lithium ion battery pack that can provide 20 minutes’ operation for 100 days, saving multiple sets of batteries.

Also for bathrooms was a UVC lighting ‘cabinet’ that is said to kill 99.99% of bacteria. It can be housed in a conventionally sized cabinet and used to sterilise toothbrushes, gum shields and similar items.

Speaking to Sensio founder Michael Linsky on the Sensio stand, he explained that innovation is a crucial part of the brand.

He told kbbreview: “I think there are too many products on the market that don’t add value. Some different shape or colour – this isn’t adding value, it’s complication. There are so many decisions a consumer has to make when choosing a kitchen or bathroom and we are creating complexity. Innovation is only about solving problems. There are new trends and materials but we are bombarding the market with things we think people want and nobody wants it.”

Commenting on the lighting market: “Lighting is a very specialist field and there’s not many of us doing it and if you are going to be any good at it, you can’t be a jack-of-all-trades, you’ve got to be a specialist. And you have to listen to customers. We are trying to carve a position. Sensio is about making lighting simple. If it is complex, no one is going to sell it. We have a responsibility to help people and make it simple.”

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