Zip Water reveals new residential strategy for the UK

Zip Water’s residential range on display at its showroom during last month’s Clerkenwell Design Week

Speaking exclusively to kbbreview, Zip Water revealed it has begun rolling out a new residential-focused business strategy in the UK.

Up until this point, although it has supplied products for the residential sector, the drinking water solutions company has had its biggest growth in the commercial market. However, according to residential development manager, Charles Ireland, the company has recently undertaken a new initiative to target the residential market with a renewed focus.

As part of the new initiative, Zip is reportedly looking to partner with a curated group of approximately 100-120 independent residential retail showrooms to help sell its luxury drinking water products.

Ireland clarified: “We’re not looking to rush into every showroom in the country – but we’re looking to partner with some good quality showrooms, who know they can sell our products well.”

Charles Ireland, Zip Water’s residential development manager

“At Zip, we know we’ve got a fantastic product that’s high end and dependable – our taps are able to filter up to 25 times more than the leading brand.

“Even if retailers aren’t selling a Zip tap with every project they complete, we know that customers really want clean, filtered water, and they’re looking for products that can give them that. Our results speak for themselves.”

Ireland also explained that as part of the new initiative, Zip isn’t demanding exclusivity from its retail partners. He continued: “We’re not draconian about being exclusive in showrooms. We will absolutely not dictate to showrooms about what or who they want to display in them – that’s not our place.”

“Competition is healthy and good for our industry. We know we’ve got a product that’s market-leading, so we’re looking forward to the next couple of years

Last year, Zip Water announced that its former head of sales, Nick Taylor, was returning to the company as its new head of residential sales.

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