The client for this project was a sociable family who enjoyed entertaining and who wanted a statement kitchen to complement the rest of the house.

Without a doubt the highlight of this kitchen is the six-metre long island, with the i-luminate lighting rail running all the way around the top to the feature end of the island with a mitred leg and back.

The island was quite long and required a worktop joint, so the designer at Kreativ Kitchens created a step feature – thus having one half of the island in 12mm thickness and the other half in 50mm.

The planning of the kitchen was fairly straightforward, due to the clients stating they wanted a different layout to what was previously in place, and also being fairly specific in what they required.

The design came together relatively quickly and the key consideration was to highlight the quality and accentuate the integrated lighting of an i-luminate kitchen, without compromising on any functionality or overall design aesthetic.

After project completion, the client said: ”We liked the quality of the build and the design of the integrated lighting system and the capability to make it bespoke and unique to our needs.”

The i-luminate product was designed with three key values in mind: modern quality, individuality, and emotional comfort. This strong proposition has landed the product four awards: German Design Award, Iconic Award for Interior Products, Red Dot winner, and an iF Design Award.

The i-luminate range is diverse, which makes kitchen planning easier than having to choose from a limited selection of lighting solutions.

Although the i-luminate is completely customisable, the real highlight is the handle profile of the kitchen. This perfectly emphasises the clear lines, and the subtle hue of the lighting from the rail, which bounces off the door edge, allowing for the perfect balance of light.

Retailers would be interested to learn that the product isn’t readily found within the kitchen market. You can’t walk into the showroom next door and see something similar – it’s only available for select studios and so the competition to supply is minimal.

i-luminate kitchens are displayed in selected Gallery Stores, which can be found on the i-luminate website.

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