TLW announces Brexit-busting price reductions

Lighting distributor The Lightworks (TLW) is going against the trend for post-Brexit increases and has reduced prices on a number of its core products.

The price reductions will run for at least the next six months, offering up to 20% off its LED cabinet lighting and associated kits.

Director of TLW, Roy Hughes (pictured), said: “This is largely an unprecedented move by ourselves following the doom and gloom of Brexit.

“We have closely monitored the situation over the past few months and we felt it was time someone injected a bit of good news in to the KBB industry.”

TLW’s products are sourced from around the world and distributed to the trade.

Hughes added: “If we listen to certain parts of the media, then the outlook for the British economy looks unstable and quite frankly miserable.

“The message from my company remains the same, but with a more firm voice – let’s keep calmer and still carry on.”

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