Max-Top to freeze prices for 12 months

Kitchen and bathroom worktop manufacturer Max-Top has said it will freeze prices for the next 12 months.

Bucking the recent trend for price hikes, Max-Top said the decision was made to accommodate fluctuations in the financial market following Brexit and, more recently, the effects of the US election. It has taken the action to reduce the “financial tremors” felt in the UK.

Stephen Moss (pictured), managing director of Max-Top Quartz, said: “Import costs and currency fluctuations have affected imported goods, forcing some companies to increase prices accordingly. However, we have taken the decision that we are in the right financial position to keep the cost of our work surface the same.

“While the prices of other products and materials are already rising, we are keeping the retail cost of our quartz worktops at under £220 per metre. In doing so, we hope to repay the faith our customers and regular installers have placed in us.”

Moss concluded: “The Max-Top Quartz surface has really gone from strength to strength over the past year. At a time of unpredictability, we are delighted to offer the same unique product at the same affordable price.”

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