Betta Living boss registered websites before administration

Kbbreview has discovered that the website URLs for My Fitted Bedroom and My Fitted Kitchen were registered on October 31 and November 1 respectively, which was several days prior to the announcement of Betta Living being put into administration.

Norwich-based NBK Bathrooms & Kitchens managing director Gareth Pendleton said he hoped the new businesses are “fresh, innovative and different” and not a resurgence of the “tired, old format”.

Former Betta Living boss Noel Dean has set up a total of four new businesses – including My Fitted Furniture and We Fit Any Furniture. Pendleton suggested that Dean was possibly “adapting to the market”.

He claimed that the Betta Living sales strategy was ‘outdated’ rather than flawed and argued that, as consumer buying habits had changed, they no longer wanted national companies with business models that “revolve around numbers”.

He added that mass selling of high-ticket items had its flaws and that ‘50% off discounts’ didn’t “cut it” when it comes to installing items, as customers see through the discounts.

Steve Bradshaw, managing director of Stoke-on-Trent-based Eco Interior Solutions, agreed with Pendleton, saying that he believed the UK public was weary of the ‘traditional’ heavy-discount model, adding that “insulting prospective customers’ intelligence really cannot have a long-term future”.

He claimed that while this model may still be working for companies such as DFS, customers purchasing big-ticket items preferred an “honest approach of offering a good deal all year round”.

However, he did defend Betta Living, saying it had a “good reputation” for its “product and installation standards”.

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