Designer slams suppliers over faulty products

A kitchen and bathroom designer has criticised kitchen suppliers who leave retailers footing the bill when products are faulty.

The designer, who wished to remain anonymous, told kbbreview that manufacturers don’t want to get involved with consumers after a kitchen has been installed and a fault with a cabinet arises.

“Once a kitchen has been completed, when all the dust has settled, and the consumer is using the kitchen on a daily basis and a fault occurs with a cabinet not working correctly, the cost of putting this right always seems to be down to the retailer and not the manufacturer,” he said. “Why should the retailer foot the bill?

“We currently have an issue with door fascias that we got through a well-known supplier,” he added. “When I spoke to them, they asked us to send photos and put the claim through the cabinet manufacturer. This issue is simply a number of doors that show scratches. Who covers the cost of rehanging them?

“I have another issue where cabinets we were supplied had doors that opened and rested at different angles. The manufacturer’s solution was to use another two pairs of hinges and use the two sets that sit best.

“A new problem arose as the door started to become stiff when raising it and then the door came off. The next resolution was to give us some piston stays that work with 110-degree hinges. So now we need to get the hinges – not a problem – and employ the services of a fitter for a third time to drill new holes into the cabinet for new hinges, leaving exposed holes on the back of the door and cabinet from the original spring hinge.”

He also claimed that he spends hours with customers designing their new kitchens only to have any commission made on a sale hit, all thanks to a faulty product.

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