Daval predicts strong growth

Kitchen cabinet manufacturer Daval is ending 2016 with a ‘bang’, reporting unprecedented levels of enquiries and tripling its pick-up rate on a year ago.

It has forecast a 22% increase in business for winter 2016, compared with the same period a year ago. Of this figure, 14% has been attributed to kitchen furniture.

It has dubbed the Mayfair & Varenna kitchen collection its ‘hero’ product of 2016, as it received the most display orders and sales since its launch at kbb Birmingham in March.

“I believe our GDP has stemmed from Daval’s exclusive concept design and manufacturing techniques which have enabled us, as a British furniture brand to achieve a high level of market acceptance that is rivalling market competition,” said managing director Simon Bodsworth.

Moving into 2017, Daval said it plans to continue to “define British furniture in terms of design, materials and technological investment”. It also claimed that investing in people is fundamental for the company, and has seen 10 staff appointments this year, which it plans to continue next year.

He added: “Our heritage as a cabinet maker is what makes us so passionate not only about design, but more importantly what happens behind the door.”

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