Bridgetek unveils all-in-one smart home controller


Singapore-based semiconductor manufacturer Bridgetek will be unveiling at CES in Las Vegas what it claims is a “game-changing” PanL home automation solution.

Bridgetek has claimed that this “all-encompassing platform” will give users the ability to control various lighting, air conditioning, heating and security systems in their home from one point of contact.

“Currently the home automation market is very disjointed, with systems from different manufacturers each relying on their own proprietary control technology and thus needing users to access a multitude of specific apps,” said a Bridgetek spokesman. “This proves both inconvenient and highly frustrating. Users want to be able to centralise the control of these functions rather than having separate standalone controls for each respective system.”

Bridgetek said it intends to release more products in the PanL portfolio and added that these may also include the ability to offer direct connection to the cloud.

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