‘We’ll lead a change in the market,’ claims Wilkinson

Designer Mark Wilkinson (pictured) has claimed that the Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson brands will lead the kitchen industry into a new era of design in 2016.

According to Wilkinson, who is a consultant for the two Canberg-owned brands, kitchen design has become stagnant but is on the cusp of change, which would be driven by Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson innovations.

Speaking exclusively to kbbreview he said: “It’s cyclical, but the industry is rather torpid at the moment. People have been concentrating on technology, colour and finishes and there is now a vacuum in the market for change.

“Creativity never stops – it’s a way of living, so we haven’t reached the peak. In fact, it is my belief that we’re about to push the boundaries of design. Evolutions happen from time to time and change is on its way.”

Wilkinson said he could not reveal any specific details of the innovations that he, and the design teams at Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson, were working on but said that other brands would follow.

“I can’t reveal exactly what that change will be,” he said. “It’s kind of a ‘watch this space’ situation and people will follow our lead.”

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