Kitchens International launches aftercare department

Scottish retailer Kitchens International has launched an aftercare department to provide a “proactive approach” to looking after its customers.

The retailer claimed that, as margins become increasingly tighter, the initiative is one of the key reasons it has continued to grow, win awards and earned an “unrivalled” reputation.

The aftercare programme means the relationship with the customer doesn’t end once a kitchen has been purchased.

It will offer a care service over 10 to 20 years or more that will see the retailer fill or repair a worktop if it becomes chipped, or repair any problems that may arise with cabinets or appliances.

Kitchens International will also offer a Kitchen MOT service, at varying levels. This will allow consumers to sign up to an annual plan, which will enable them to have their kitchen realigned, touched up, plumbing checked, lighting checked and restored.

If appliances go wrong, the aftercare department will offer clients the opportunity to replace these with special deals, as well as being able to replace worktops and lighting if they want a new look, or upgrading taps to boiling water taps.

Steven Boal, Kitchens International’s aftercare manager, added: “Customer aftercare is an integral part of 21st century living, but sadly many companies, both in the service and manufacturing sectors, don’t invest in it. Our passion and KI’s ethos is to provide clients with the ultimate kitchen experience from first walking into the showroom until long, long after the kitchen is installed. This is a new departure for the kitchen industry and one area of our business we are particularly proud of.”

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