BRC welcomes PM’s call for general election

The British Retail Consortium has welcomed Prime Minister Theresa’s May’s decision to call a general election on June 8.

The Prime Minister said the move was a bid to bring “stability and certainty” as the country prepared for Brexit. Commentators have also speculated that an election could improve the Conservative Party’s parliamentary majority, which would in itself make the Brexit process easier.

Commenting on the move, BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson commented: “Political stability will be crucial to negotiating the best deal for the UK in the Brexit negotiations. Britain’s exit from the EU will have a profound impact on the goods that Britain imports, the products that UK consumers buy and the prices they pay.”

Ms Dickinson added: “The retail industry will want to see plans from the next government that puts consumers first in the Brexit negotiations and ensures that ordinary shoppers aren’t hit with the cost of unwanted new tariffs.

“The retail industry is a driving force in our economy. Political and economic stability, and a business tax environment fit for purpose in the 21st century, is what’s needed for the retail industry to drive productivity with better jobs, innovation and new skills for the digital age.”

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