PWS heralds Alchemy brand as a modern classic

Kitchen manufacturer PWS has launched its new classic kitchen brand, Alchemy.

The range includes five different styles, based on consumer research that suggested more people were looking for a classic style with a modern twist.

Alchemy forms part of the company’s biggest product launch, which also includes enhancements to its modern Biography brand.

“This year has been our busiest year that I can remember in 17 years in the business,” said managing director John Lennon. “We have been investing heavily in infrastructure, we’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on product development and branding.”

As well as re-energising its classic offering, PWS said it hoped the launch would stand out in the market and start a conversation among consumers.

PWS strategic design manager Lizzie Beesley said: “The market is evolving, and while there continues to be a place for designs with traditional links, there’s a strong move towards a classic look which is much calmer, more orderly with a modern interpretation. Alchemy is a considered collection of products, providing flexibility and detailing that enables retailers to tailor designs to meet their consumers’ expectations.

“We have used a mix of newly-designed product and existing, well-established product ranges to create Alchemy’s five styles. Our formula is – the right product and layout to create iconic kitchen designs,” she explained. “It was very apparent, from our research, that there is a new modern-classic consumer. We spent time understanding and interpreting this new market in Alchemy.”

PWS also claimed that Alchemy would help retailers to cater to the needs of their customers, as well as helping them to sell more kitchens for more profit.

Richard Gates, head of category management, kitchens, explained: “It was very important to us to stand out in the marketplace, not only is that in product development and innovation, but it’s also the way we present our products to today’s consumer. In addition to that, it’s how we support our network of specialist retailers to sell to the homeowner.”

Beesley added: “We were not really catering for this customer because they don’t necessarily see themselves as ultra-contemporary and they don’t see themselves as the old-school classic that we’ve seen in the past. And this is a big, growing market, so we need to re-engage classic and make sure that we’ve kept on board this type of customer.”

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