ECF: The Perfect Fit For Your Development?

SPONSORED: Simon Noble, marketing manager of leading UK distributor and manufacturer ECF, outlines what to look for in a contract partner.

When choosing a KBB supplier, you need to be sure they can deliver on every level, from concept to completion, with a range of options to suit your buyer and your budget – because the needs of a housing developer are very different from other retail situations.

A proven track record you can trust

You’re most likely planning years, rather than months, in advance. So if you’re placing an order, you need to know your supplier has the stability to fulfil as agreed and offer guaranteed aftercare for your buyers. ECF has been around over 36 years – so you and your buyers have total peace of mind.

Understanding and dedicated support

You should be able to count on your supplier for advice and support in the design of your rooms and the choices your customers will be able to make. At ECF, we provide a single point of contact too, who works onsite alongside your team to coordinate the installation and go through any final snagging directly with the home buyer.

Design to fit

From first-time buyer to luxury city apartment, chances are you build a varied range of properties for a wide range of buyers – so your supplier needs to have in-house designers with the breadth of experience to be able to plan rooms to every size, specification and budgetary target.

Options as standard

As more often than not your home buyer will want to make their own choice, your supplier should offer a range of styles, colours and price points across the rooms you’ll be fitting out. For instance, at ECF we have a huge range of options for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, from flatpack to ready-assembled and handles to flooring. We’ll even use our unique showroom facilities and factory tours to demonstrate the quality and support they can expect. This makes it so much easier to achieve your goals, and greatly reduces the number of suppliers you need to work with.

On-time delivery

You’re working to tight schedules so you need the whole process to go smoothly. A good KBB specialist will work with you to make sure everything is delivered to schedule and ready to be installed to minimise the length of time it has to be stored on-site.

A nationwide service

Whether your developments are chiefly in one local area or spread across the country, you need to be sure your supplier can provide what you need consistently, quickly and easily.


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