‘Don’t clutter your showrooms,’ warns Aqualisa

Aqualisa has hit back at accusations that bathroom manufacturers don’t market their products well enough at the point of sale, arguing that showrooms could end up looking like a “Moroccan bazaar”.

David Claeys, general manager of Bathe Bathrooms in Wigan, complained to kbbreview in the June How’s Business feature that manufacturers didn’t market things well enough. He said: “When you open a drawer, there should be something that says this product is available in 10 different colours and eight different sizes, but there isn’t.”

Joanne Savage, Aqualisa brand and design director, claimed that while she sympathised with Claeys’s point of view, bathroom retailers should resist the urge to clutter a space and risk losing a calm and spacious setting.

“I believe that bathroom showrooms go to great lengths to create an architectural, designer environment with clean lines and a sense of space,” she added. “There can be a temptation to clutter that space with posters and stickers when manufacturers become overzealous. It can feel like a Moroccan bazaar and the calm, aspirational feel is lost.”

The manufacturer recommended that showrooms should use point-of-sale material that was more visual, with images and very few words.

“Over the past couple of years, we have made some simple changes to our point of sale,” Savage added. “We have banned any bullet points and replaced them with some simple icons. We find white works best, with a bright colour highlight to generate excitement. We choose a lot of transparent material and use a layered approach to give a feeling of depth.”

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