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Keep business healthy

Darren Taylor, MD of Searle & Taylor, explains why he wants a more unified industry and why working with other businesses on projects you might otherwise have sent clients elsewhere for can pay dividends all round  [13-9-2021]

Recording – just for the record

Darren Taylor, MD of Searle and Taylor in Winchester, warns of the perils of letting clients record virtual design consultations [2-3-2021]

Stuck in the middle with you

Darren Taylor, MD of Searle and Taylor, says that appliance shortages since the first lockdown have been causing headaches for him and his customers [3-11-2020]

Always look the part, even in lockdown…

The lockdown may have given retailers the chance to catch up on tasks they don’t usually have time for but, for Darren Taylor, that meant unwittingly letting his personal appearance slip… [7-7-2020]

Darren Taylor

Healthy competition is a good thing…

Darren Taylor, the MD of Searle and Taylor, reflects on how competition is a healthy thing and why he believes the opening of a Tom Howley store near his showroom in Winchester will potentially bring him more business [26-6-2019]

Darren Taylor

IKEA: Satisfaction guaranteed?

Searle and Taylor’s MD, Darren Taylor, appears on the BBC’s Watchdog to talk about Ikea’s 25-year guarantee after complaints from the programme’s viewers [14-8-2018]