Built-in appliance sales growth set to stay ahead of kitchens

Sales of integrated major appliances will continue to grow faster than overall fitted kitchen installations, new data has predicted.

A review of the market by industry analysts JKMR showed that built-in MDA sales value would exceed £1.16 billion at end-client buying prices in 2017, which is up almost 8% on 2016.

Value growth is almost twice the rate of volume growth, which indicated that typical client buying prices for the market as a whole have increased over the year, despite the price-driven presence of internet buying mechanisms.

Integrated MDA volumes will increase by 4.4% in 2017, almost twice the rise in new kitchen installations.

JKMR said that the strength of high-end new-build activity continued to be a driver for greater MDA activity, alongside the strong top-end in the retail sector, where multiple oven and refrigeration specification is adding to volume growth.

Since 2014, MDA sales value has grown by more than 30%.

Despite the likelihood of an overall fitted kitchen market slowdown from 2018, JKMR claimed that the outlook for integrated MDAs remains good, which will be driven by ever more sophisticated models in the studio sector, an ongoing shift in the mass market towards integrated MDAs as standard and a positive outlook for the high-end new-build sector.

  • Main image: TKC Nordmende built-in appliances
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