From AEG to AC/DC

Louise Stalker admits it’s not easy balancing the demands of her full-time job, as AEG Premier Partner national sales manager, kitchen studios, with her alter ego as the singer in a rock band. But she puts it down to being ‘seriously organised’ 

Since joining the company in 2013, I have spearheaded the creation of the AEG Premier Partner trade partnership scheme.

Dedicated to continually enhancing the programme and helping partners’ businesses grow, I take a very hands-on approach with my account managers and support team. I make it my priority to get to know our partners and spend much of my time visiting kitchen studios across the UK.

I’m a big believer that having passions outside of your day job is important to ensure a healthy work/life balance. I’ve been singing in bands for the past 15 years and have been with my current band, Empress Rocks, for the past eight years.

It still makes me smile when I mention my ‘other life’ when chatting to a customer… it’s certainly not something that they expect, especially when I explain that it’s a rock band.

I love performing on stage as it gives me an opportunity to be creative and some may think it ironic, but it helps me relax. In fact, it’s such a big part of my life that my now husband, who plays guitar in the band, asked for my hand in marriage in the middle of a gig.

I often get asked how I manage to juggle a full-time job that involves a lot of travel, with weekend gigs and weekly band rehearsals. The honest answer is that I am seriously organised – the band’s diary is now full until the end of 2018.

Although I admit that last year, with the launch of our new AEG Mastery range, the band’s diary was a little quieter than normal. My ‘proper job’ had to take priority until we were through the initial product launch of our products, but that’s fine as it’s all about balance.

I’m excited about 2018. Our new AEG Mastery range is being really well received and our gig schedule is packed with lots of variety – everything from a biker rally to our local pub.

Supporting local live music, is really important to me, especially with the likes of The X Factor, which can keep audiences at home in front of the TV. Use it or lose it is a phrase I like to quote, and remind our audiences of the need to ensure that local music venues stay open.

I think this is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about the independent sector.

We need to keep the local high street alive, it’s so important no matter what industry we are in.

You can find out more about AEG at and my other life at

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