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Electrolux cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 78%

As Electrolux releases its sustainability report with targets for the next four years, the appliance brand declares that it has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 78% compared to 2015. [14-4-2022]

Vanessa Butani, VP Sustainability, Electrolux

‘The time to close the green gap is now’

Ahead of World Environment Day [June 5] Vanessa Butani, VP group sustainability at Electrolux, explains the vital role KBB retailers play in educating consumers in how to live more sustainably [4-6-2021]

Louise Stalker

From AEG to AC/DC

Louise Stalker admits it’s not easy balancing the demands of her full-time job with her alter ego as the singer in a rock band. [27-2-2018]

AEG SteamPro sous vide oven


Electrolux will use this year’s show to connect with the kitchen community and communicate ways in which it can support retailers. [26-2-2018]

AEG L8WEC166R washer-dryer


AEG’s new washer-dryer range comprises the 7000, 8000 and 9000 Series, with each model promising to make it easy for consumers to care for any fabric. [3-1-2018]