AEG’s third year sponsoring the kbbreview Retail & Design awards

AEG is sponsoring the kitchen designer of the year project cost £30,000 – £50,000 at the kbbreview Retail & Design awards for the third year.

Louise Stalker, channel manager kitchen studios at AEG said: “AEG have been a proud sponsor of the kbbreview Retail & Design awards for the last 3 years. We know that many of our retailers see kbbreview as one of the key voices within the industry and as one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the UK, AEG is delighted to show our continued support for the independent kitchen studios sector by sponsoring these awards.”

“The kbbreview Retail & Design awards recognise the achievements of the very best retailers and designers of kitchens and bathrooms in the UK. At a time when differentiation is so precious, winning an award is a valuable asset to your company.

“In particular, the role of a designer within an independent kitchen showroom is pivotal to the success of the kitchen studio and AEG is delighted to sponsor the award for the Kitchen Designer of the Year. A good designer puts their clients at the heart of everything they do when it comes to creating a dream kitchen, ensuring that the aesthetics, design & functionality come together to create the perfect space that matches their customer’s needs.”

The design categories of the awards are shortlisted and judged by kitchen designers and experts and are valued on aesthetics, meeting client brief, problem solving, product choice, unique ideas and value for money.

“Over the last 3 years, we have seen an evolution in the entries for the kitchen designer award, in everything from style, technology, use of space, lighting, & bolder color palettes.” said Stalker. “Within these parameters, there are certain trends that stand out. Increasingly, we have seen a continued focus on creating perfect alignment, with sleek, clean lines that are simple and pleasing to the eye.

“Having appliances that can complement this trend is key, which is why at AEG, our range of ovens & compacts align perfectly both vertically and horizontally and are available in a wide budget range.

“At AEG, we also recognise that the role of the kitchen itself has changed. It’s no longer just a space to prepare food but it has evolved into a space to entertain and spend time with your family. An increase in open plan living spaces is a testament to this. As such, at AEG, we strive to ensure we fit in seamlessly with our consumer’s lifestyle. Our appliances are built to deliver not only aesthetically, but also through highly responsive technology, allowing our consumers to get the best out of their kitchens.”

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