Electrolux Group achieved 60% renewable energy in 2023

Appliance giant Electrolux Group has released its latest sustainability report, reporting that 60% of the energy used in its product manufacturing came from renewable sources last year.

The report also revealed that 97% of the group’s products with refrigerants have switched to gases which carry a low global warming potential.

According to Electrolux Group – which also owns AEG – this achievement has also allowed it to be recognised in the latest UN Cool Coalition report covering the cooling industry.

Electrolux Group also had its second climate target approved by the Science-Based Targets Initiative, after achieving its first target three years ahead of schedule.

The company’s new goal is to reduce its carbon emissions from scope one and two operations by 85%, and to reduce its scope three carbon emissions by 42%, between 2021 and 2030.

Scope one and two emissions are direct emissions from an organisation’s operations, and scope three includes emissions produced from an organisation’s overall supply chain.

Electrolux group is already making strong headway in achieving its targets. It has reduced its scope one and two emissions by 33% since 2021, with scope three emissions reduced by 28%.

The company says that this target puts it in line with the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit average global temperature rises to 1.5°C in the 21st Century, to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change.

Electrolux Group’s commercial lead for the UK, Chris George, said: “Our sustainability performance in 2023 and our new science-based climate target approved in 2024 show that together we continue to build a better company, create better solutions and enable better living. This highlights the power of our combined people, planet and business perspectives.”

Last year, Electrolux Group announced that it was stepping up its cost reduction programme to restore margins, against a backdrop of continued weak consumer demand and competitive pressures in the market.

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