Energy efficiency is ‘number one priority’ for appliance buyers, says Sirius


Kitchen and electrical appliance buying group Sirius has identified that energy efficiency is the top trend driving consumer sales, according to recent data.

In light of the priority that energy efficiency is being given among consumers, the buying group has advised independent retailers that they need to familiarise themselves with these concepts and benefits to appeal to consumers at all price points.

According to Sirius Buying Group’s managing director Steve Jones: “Ahead of the Autumn statement, our latest field data shows that homeowners are keen to learn more about the latest technological advancements when upgrading their appliances so that they manage their energy use.

“Independent retailers need to anticipate this in the sales conversation with clear evidence that conveys how efficient a product will be over its lifespan, as well as being open about aftersales when it comes to the replacement market and spare parts. We have a duty of care to help consumers understand the raft of features and benefits available, so that they can make the best use of their budget and open their eyes to new possibilities.”

The statement was issued ahead of the buying group’s Autumn Trade Show next month, where its members will be able to enjoy networking opportunities with fellow retailers, as well as deals on the latest appliances and products from the group’s suppliers.

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