PJH boosts next-day delivery offer

PJH Group has invested in its transport fleet, boosting its next-day delivery offer to 70%.

The move aims to improve vehicle efficiency and service levels.

PJH’s existing fleet, which was six years old, has been replaced with streamlined Euro 6 trucks that offer an improved MPG rate.

PJH has also created a new process of vehicle routing that adopts a more flexible planning process allowing for route optimisation that is more responsive to changes in consumer demand.

The result of the investment is cost and environmental savings due to efficient routing, which means fewer miles travelled and less fuel consumed.

The initial investment has also seen 63 new vehicles for PJH’s Cannock and Manchester depots.

John Nobrega, head of operations at PJH’S Cannock depot, commented: “By offering many more customers the next-day delivery option on our own fleet will most certainly give us a competitive advantage in today’s tough market. With the new vehicles and improved routing procedures now in place, we can enable more postal districts throughout the UK to take advantage of daily deliveries – with up to 70% of all postal regions now having a daily delivery service. It’s great news for both our customers as well as the end-consumer.”

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