Kaldewei joins forces with WWF

Bathroom supplier Kaldewei has joined with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on its marine conservation programme to reduce plastic waste in Southeast Asia.

“For us, this partnership with the WWF is a logical step in our constant endeavours for a clean environment,” said managing director Franz Kaldewei.

Kaldewei uses materials that are 100% recyclable. Its shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins are made from steel enamel, which is a composite of steel and glass.

The aim of the WWF is to improve the waste management in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta by reducing the waste by 80%. With this reduction, the WWF hopes to prevent large quantities of plastic entering the ocean.

According to forecasts by WWF, in 2050 the oceans will contain as much waste plastic as fish. The first signs of this are already visible as animals are perishing after ingesting plastic and microplastics are being found in many species of fish.

Franz Kaldewei said: “Sustainability is enshrined in the Kaldewei corporate philosophy. We are happy to support the WWF’s important work to prevent plastic waste in the oceans, and we are confident that with our commitment we will be making a valuable contribution to marine conservation and the preservation of natural living environments.”

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