Be beautifully inspired by Retrostone from Neolith®

SPONSORED: Discover Retrostone by Neolith®, a beautifully refined surface inspired by classic stonemason techniques and presented to contemporary audiences.

A true kaleidoscope of elegant shapes, Retrostone is based on terrazzo, a traditional material that sets fragments of marble and granite in concrete. The iconic stone was widely used by Venetian craftsmen in the 16th century, creating a vintage aesthetic that has stood the test of time and, in recent decades, graced such prominent locations as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Recently, Neolith® observed a higher increase in demand for terrazzo from architects and specifiers. Alongside other older stone designs, the colourful surface is enjoying a popular revival, mainly due to its eco-friendly and low-maintenance qualities. With its striking patterns, the material is once again being established as the design of choice.

Retrostone is a bold reinterpretation of a classic surface, delighting new audiences with a mesmerising and visually engaging stone. For more information on this exquisite design from Neolith®, visit

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