Candy Group’s £13 million investment in AI

Milan-based appliances group Candy has announced a €15 million (£13.2 million) investment in a new factory in Turkey to create smart household appliances.

The factory in Eskişehir, on a 13,600sq m area, will employ 300 workers with an estimated annual production capacity of about 800,000 units.

The new plant is the second production unit of the Candy Group in Turkey and will produce what it claims is the first dishwasher on the market equipped with an internal optical sensor able to identify the quantity and type of loaded dishes, automatically suggesting the most appropriate programme and the best options for the washing.

It will also have remote control capability like all the new generation products of the Candy Group.

The company said the new plant will increase its competitiveness and boost research and development activities, progressively allowing the Candy Group to detect, collect, monitor and analyse the data coming from finished products.

“The goal was to conceive and implement the development of technologies, increasing the quality of production processes and encourage the management of the knowledge required to enhance the capabilities of all the operations performed within the factory,” said Beppe Fumagalli, Candy Group chief executive.

Particular attention will be given to the electronic and connectivity components to create a complete data set of information on the operations, performances and quality of the machines, in order to anticipate and correct any malfunction.

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