Twitter – how your marketing can fit into 280 characters

Twitter is becoming an integral part of business growth and another strand to companies’ marketing strategies. But which social strategies are most effective on Twitter? Harry Sanders investigates

Twitter is known as a ‘microblogging’ site. Microblogging is essentially blogging on a much smaller scale. Twitter limits the number of characters users can type per tweet to 280, which makes them get straight to the point with opinions. Unlike Instagram, which is focused on images over text, Twitter is the opposite and focuses on the writing side, despite also having image and video features.

As social media continues to expand and strengthen, so does Twitter. The platform has a business feature, which means companies can advertise, expand and reach out to customers by either starting an automatic promotion campaign or launching an Ads campaign that can be easily customised to fit the specific target audience.

There are a variety of accounts that are currently doing well on Twitter in different ways.

Firstly, Callerton Kitchens (@CallertonCK) is using giveaways to boost its following. This can be an effective way of bringing more engagement to a profile. To enter a giveaway, usually followers must follow and retweet, so other people see the giveaway and follow too. This ultimately draws in more traffic to the profile and potentially even customers.

The showroom also makes good use of the hashtag feature. Twitter has hashtags that can trend. This is where top ones are listed and are more likely to be looked at, which again can be a way of bringing in engagement.

Jones Britain Kitchens (@JBKitchens) is clearly doing something right onTwitter. The account has significantly more followers than it is following, which is positive. It has been posting reasonably regularly over a long period of time, which is partly the reason for the substantial difference in ratio between following and followers. The company has also used customer reviews that have been edited professionally to create a nice visual.

On Twitter, despite photos not being as highly thought-of as the 280 maximum character tweets, they are another way of putting across a business’s professionalism, as well as essentially giving a profile more than 280 characters if pictures have written content with the captions above.

Another showroom that is beginning to do well on this platform is George Barnett Kitchens (@GBkitchensltd). It may not have a large following, but then it was only created in May this year. Also, George Barnett Kitchens has one showroom in Brentwood, so aiming for thousands of followers just simply isn’t worthwhile unless all the followers are from that specific area.

Instead of focusing on followers, for a business like George Barnett Kitchens, it wants to be getting potential customers, not followers miles away from the showroom who wouldn’t ever buy its kitchens. An example of how George Barnett Kitchens is pleasing its local audience is a tweet that congratulates a local boys cricket team. This makes followers really feel like the guys over at George Barnett Kitchens are part of the community and it creates an initial link between customers and the business.

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