Are worktop fabricators letting down kitchen retailers?

A major kitchen retailer has called into question the workmanship of worktop fabricators and even the quality of the material used by some manufacturers after a number of problems at clients’ houses.

The owner of the award-winning kitchen studio wrote to kbbreview complaining that customers were holding them to account for the refit of worktops when cracks appeared just months after installation.

The retailer said that often cracks appear from the hob cutout, which can happen when the fabricator “has spelched the edge”, creating a weak point. But they said that, in their experience, fabricators are quick to pass the blame on to the clients, while the sheet manufacturers point the finger at fabricators.

“And here I am, facing a wonderful client who is gentle and adores their new kitchen, and they have no choice but to threaten me with legal action as their contract is with me!” the kitchen designer said.

“So I am super-curious to hear if other kitchen designers are being put in the same awkward position as worktop fabricators shrug off their responsibilities,” they added.

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) announced earlier this month the imminent launch of a digital platform that aims to separate a contractor’s liabilities from the retailer. A soft launch is expected in April.

  • Have you had similar trouble, with clients complaining of worktop faults shortly after a kitchen install? How have you resolved the problem? Get in touch if you’d like to share your story.
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