Better Bathrooms: ‘good riddance and adios’

Gary Walmsley, owner of Designer Walls and More in Bolton, tells kbbreview why he’s glad to see the back of  Better Bathrooms but has sympathy for the people who worked there


I genuinely feel sorry for all the staff who have lost their jobs and income, and any other UK-based companies affected by the failure of Better Bathrooms.

But that’s where it stops. Good riddance and adios. This is karma – ‘what goes around comes around’.

This business model could not give a damn about all the little independents it closed down, the cutbacks we have all made, and the general ruination of the mid-market in the bathroom game for showrooms that offered service, choice and installations – of which I count myself as one.

So, hopefully investors have lost a ton of money, as they were sold a pup. Looks like Tesco could have been visionaries, as they dropped the bathroom game as quickly as they started it.

The collapse of Better Bathrooms could be good news for established distributors, too.

2019 could be an interesting and hopefully profitable year for independents – and skip companies, as a few will be needed!

Who will be next?

If you talk to a lot of installers, they won’t touch bathrooms from a lot of these business models. I wonder what odds Ladbrokes is giving?

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