Colourhill: “Whichever way we decide to go we are confident EQ can adapt and deliver.”

Colourhill Kitchens & Bedrooms have been a valued customer of EQ Software since 2015. They are a supported supplier whose catalogues are available to EQ customers and they also benefit from using the software for their own internal processes. We took some time to catch up with Aidy Childs from Colourhill to discuss how EQ has helped his business

“We started out only four years ago and have rapidly grown from two to sixteen employees. Our focus in the first year was setting up the factory and getting things running smoothly. In year two our customer base and orders started getting too much for our existing Excel based system. We all knew about EQ and many of our team had used the system in previous roles so we decided to invest.”

“At this time Colourhill’s core business was carcass-only for the trade. Over time we changed to supplying complete kitchens & bedrooms, retail and contract projects. EQ has answered all of our needs and has grown and developed with us. We run the whole business through the EQ system and by upgrading to the Cabinet Builder production module we are able to control the whole spectrum of tasks from quoting to delivery.”

EQ has enabled Colourhill to:

  1. Give quick and accurate quotes using direct pricing with our suppliers
  2. Send accurate automated purchase orders and order direct through supplier website trade zones
  3. Easily send quotes, confirmations and invoices which update our schedules
  4. Produce accurate production lists tailored to our business
  5. Show live production, delivery and accounting schedules

Aidy continues: “We have put a lot of work in to setting up our EQ system and get a lot back. It has enabled us to grow quickly and maintain our high standards and quick response times.”

“The future looks bright and we are already looking at our own door catalogues, a new showroom and we may be venturing into the world of e-commerce. Whichever way Colourhill decides to go we are confident EQ can adapt and deliver.”

Tel: 01623 869358

Email: [email protected]


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