Rotpunkt underlines UK commitment as Brexit looms

German kitchen brand Rotpunkt has sent a strong message of support to its UK retail network by sending out invitations to visit its headquarters at the tail end of 2019 whether the UK has left the EU by then or not.

On the day that the UK was scheduled to leave the EU, Rotpunkt said it was “pleased” to announce that more than 200 of its “finest KBB retailers” have been exclusively invited to see its latest developments and designs during the last three months of the year.

This, the firm said, was “a big statement of intent” specifically “to minimise the possible impact of Brexit for its UK retail network”.

“This unbroken retail investment comes at a time of great importance,” said Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt.

“Recent political actions have led to the UK government deciding whether to delay Brexit, hold another referendum and even, abandon Article 50 altogether,” he added.

“Regardless of the outcome, Rotpunkt anticipates huge market change and has put dependable measures in place to limit, if not avoid, any detrimental impact to both brand and business.

“By already planning for Q4:19 and Q1:20 with a host of systematic dealer trips, Rotpunkt validates its intent for continued growth and preservation of the UK’s retail elite.

“Rotpunkt recognise there is a lack of clarity on future trade, which is why we have taken such a structured approach to our business development this year. We want to remove any ambiguity for our retailers so that they can concentrate on long-term profitability over momentary growth.

“There is a conclusive need to prepare for the unknown and in terms of retail, be able to monopolise the market and influence trends when the competition is being overcautious.”

The date for UK withdrawal had been scheduled for Friday March 29, but this has been pushed back to April 12, with the possibility of further delay.

At the LivingKitchen show, Rotpunkt’s new managing director Sven Herden urged UK retailers to use the market uncertainty to invest to access the “pent-up demand” when the political landscape settles down.

With almost one million kitchens a year sold in the UK, Herden stressed that the UK was a “key European market” for Rotpunkt.

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