Woodstock furniture rebrand to appeal to an eco-friendly market

Woodstock furniture has decided to rebrand with a new logo, website and strapline to better suit its bespoke, environmentally friendly kitchens.

“Created by us. Inspired by you. Designed for life.” is the new strapline, and it highlights the Woodstock’s unique brand message. MD of Woodstock Andrew Hall said: “We wanted to convey that Woodstock Furniture offers truly bespoke furniture for any room in the house using the finest craftsmanship. We inspire and create, but more importantly, we listen.”

Messaging and branding are critical for Woodstock as Hall said that it gives the company on a whole a more cohesive look with a fresher finish.

With this new brand, Hall is aiming to increase the range of customers Woodstock furniture can reach. “We want to appeal to a wider audience who are looking for an environmentally friendly bespoke furniture company and a truly personal service. We also want to retain our discerning customer base by reminding them of our 40 years of expertise, our highest standards of craftsmanship and commitment to their vision,” he said.

The Woodstock company is over 40 years old and has a wealth of knowledge in the KBB sector, and the rebrand is part of a broader strategy to develop and grow the business. Hall said: “Our new brand messaging shows our previous, present and future clients that we leaders in our field and the reasons we stand out amongst our competition. We will continue to grow our business and get across the Woodstock Furniture message to the wider audience.”

The new branding was created through a collaboration with Amino Media. The team looked closely at the previous Woodstock brand and wanted to build on the brand’s unique selling point, which is its bespoke furniture.

The strapline highlights the bespoke, handmade kitchens, which are created with the customer in mind that will build to last. The longevity of the kitchens is an aspect that can appeal to eco-friendly markets.

The sleek design in the logo, with its minimalistic design and thin, sleek lines, is said to represent the “careful consideration that goes into every piece of furniture created by Woodstock Furniture,” said a designer at Amino Media.

Tala Monks, managing director of Amino Media, adds: “Branding is the key to success and good branding definition is hard to come by. Woodstock already has a strong brand image, so we recreated and reshaped their current brand identity along with a new strapline.”

Hall also believes in a strong brand, and he said: “The benefits of building and maintaining a strong brand is endless. It promotes recognition and sets you apart from your competitors. Not only that, but it also improves employee pride and satisfaction and generates new customers. Good branding is critical to any business.”

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