Hettich sponsors drinks reception at kbbreview Retail & Design Awards

Hettich UK is the drinks reception sponsor of the 2020 kbbreview Retail & Design Awards at the Birmingham Metropole hotel on March 2.

We sat down to talk to Hettich UK’s marketing manager, Colin Patterson (pictured), to find out why the company has supported the awards.

Q: What do you think makes the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards important to the KBB industry?
A: It is important to recognise achievement and celebrate the best that our industry has to offer. It’s also a way of inspiring designers with new ideas and helping us all stay in touch with the latest in KBB design. The UK industry has become an exciting place for a fittings manufacturer like Hettich, because more than ever before it values innovation, new solutions and individualisation. The kbbreview Retail & Design Awards are a great showcase for this.

Q: What decided Hettich to sponsor the drinks reception for the second year running?
A: It is a way of saying thank you to our customers and gives us good visibility at a very well-attended industry event.

Q: How does Hettich work with and support its retailers?
A: We work mainly with manufacturers, so it is via them that we support retailers for point-of-sale, brochures etc. Also, retailers are welcome to visit our showroom in Salford, which is a great source of inspiration, and they can bring their customers too.

Q: In what ways do you think kbbreview benefits the KBB industry?
A: Whenever you are out and about in the trade, the magazine is visible on desks, receptions, showrooms and so on. If something appears in kbbreview, in print or online, it gets around the industry pretty fast and tends to get a reaction. So, it’s a strong news vehicle and independent, too, which is surprisingly rare in the media. It’s also a source of ideas and comment, which helps build the bigger picture. All our dealings with kbbreview are straightforward, honest and enjoyable. They are always looking at new ways to communicate with the industry, which keeps things fresh and helps us to evolve in our communications, too.

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