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Kevin McCloud headlines on Hettich Xperiencedays

Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud is to give a keynote presentation titled ”Tiny Homes and Living Spaces” on the highly successful hybrid event platform Hettich Xperiencedays on Tuesday 8th June at 6pm. [28-5-2021]

Anton Hettich dies aged 91

Managing partner and chairman of the Hettich Group, Anton Hettich, passed away on April 24 at the age of 91 after a short illness. [29-4-2021]

Hettich ArciTech: Going grey is deeply fashionable

With its effortless running, stability and customisable formats, Hettich’s ArciTech drawer system is deservedly renowned among quality-conscious furniture designers. The Grey Glass DesignSide is a subtly distinctive option to bring a deeply impressive detail to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and all living spaces. [28-4-2021]