kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘We’ve attended every show since 2014’, says Rotpunkt

Exhibitor interview: Matt Phillips, head of operations, Rotpunkt UK

The kbb Birmingham show is an essential tool, giving us the opportunity to gather business intelligence, do some market research and get a great overview of what’s happening in so many areas of the industry, across the UK and Europe.

Our first visit was in 2014 and we’ve attended every kbb show since, including the associated London events. For us, the best thing about it is introducing our newest kitchen designs in front of so many discerning suppliers and retailers, as well as having the chance to get real-time feedback on our brand and our business.

We want to put our business in the spotlight and highlight, as well as our commitment to green living and future-proof design. With the market paying greater attention to the topic of climate change, we wish to demonstrate that luxurious, eco-friendly kitchens are the ultimate sustainable solution for the modern home.

Giving new contacts and established connections the chance to see our new collections in the flesh is a key part of getting to know our brand and philosophy. We are passionate about new product developments that help retailers to boost sales, so we welcome the opportunity to reach out to new potential business partners and future relations.

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