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Covid safety a top priority at kbb show

The organiser of the kbb show at the NEC Birmingham has outlined the measures it is putting in place to ensure the safety of all those attending and exhibiting at the event. [12-1-2022]

The biggest challenges facing showrooms today

Malcolm Scott, the KBSA corporate chair, considers some of the biggest challenges facing showrooms today - from both product and skills shortages to sustainability - and what solutions might work best to deal with these issues. [6-12-2021]

Tackling the recruitment crisis

There’s a huge increase in demand, bulging order books and new customers on the horizon, but you don’t have the designers or installers you need. Vicki Evans investigates the KBB recruitment crisis and finds that there may not be a quick fix. [1-9-2021]

Nikita Pearce

Let’s be more inclusive

The owner of Honest by Design, Nikita Pearce, on why she feels we should be aiming to attract, value, promote and retain more women [23-3-2021]