Jason Grinton

kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘Boost your average sales values’, says Promorm

Exhibitor interview: Jason Grinton, UK and Ireland business manager, Pronorm


It’s always a pleasure to see our current partners, but I would like the opportunity to talk to retailers who are selling UK-manufactured, contemporary-style kitchens and show them what we have to offer.

We’re going to show several new door finishes, with over a 100 options to choose from. Pronorm is reinforcing its message that the brand can cater for the luxury purchaser through to the design-aware, value-conscious mid-market consumer with the Y-Line, X-Line and Proline kitchen ranges.

We have taken many businesses from an average £10,000 kitchen sale to £25,000-plus and that has come from them understanding the flexibility and creativity that’s possible with our range to appeal to customers from the mid to the high end.

There are so many retailers out there selling UK-style product who have this potential if they were to look beyond what they do currently.

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