kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘Passionate about appliances’, says Fisher and Paykel

Exhibitor interview: Helen Haider, head of marketing, Fisher and Paykel


Q: What do you hope to achieve at the show?

A: We’d like to start those conversations with people new to the brand and show them why we are so passionate about appliance design. At the end of the show, we’d like to have been discovered by over 100 new customers, who will leave the show with an understanding of how we design and why we are seen as one of the most human-centred appliance brands in the world.


Q: Why are trade shows such as this one important for your business?

A: We wanted to find the best way to connect with our audience of current retailers and designers to share with them our new touch-screen ovens and stunning new column refrigeration, but also to launch ourselves to those in the trade who haven’t yet discovered our brand. We want to share with them the journey of us as a brand. To show that our appliances are designed to fit the way consumers live their lives. We want to show how they can fit beautifully into the home through their modular, flexible and purposeful design. We want to show how we design around our five distinct aesthetics, tailored to achieve every personal design style.


Q: What are you looking forward to most at this year’s kbb show?

A: Showcasing our stand. This will give visitors that taste of New Zealand. We’ll be showcasing the beautiful New Zealand landscapes with a bespoke video and soundtrack, and offering them a Kawakawa tea experience as a part of our Social Kitchen.

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