kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘A more dynamic way to demonstrate products’, says IDS

Exhibitor interview: Sam Russell, sales and marketing manager, Interior Door Systems


Q: Why are trade shows such as this one important for your business?

A: This particular trade show is very important for Interior Door Systems, as this is the only one we choose to attend. We find that, with the wide variety of clientele that attend the show, this provides us with fantastic opportunities to get introduced to new customers and build relations. It also allows us to bring our existing customers over to the stand to demonstrate what is new for 2020 and with the ability for them to see the new products being at the show makes it a far more efficient and dynamic way to do so.


Q: How’s business compared with last year?

A: Business has been steady in 2019. The industry has had a difficult year with the challenges we have all faced. As a business Interior Door Systems has grown in certain areas of supplying some fantastic new customers and these particular sectors has really shined for us in 2019. The contract sector has slightly dipped from 2018, with various build programmes being delayed. However, for 2020 we are really looking forward to our opportunities in the contract sector and we are set to have a 5% increase on our 2019 turnover.


Q: How do you view the health of the UK KBB market? In what ways could it improve and how can the industry improve it?

A: There is no denying that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has slowed down the market and had an effect on people’s decision-making. However, now that all the uncertainty has gone, a new impetus is clearly visible and investment in the construction sector will lead to greater opportunities and an upsurge in the marketplace.


Q: How do you think the relationship between supplier and customer is changing? 

A: We believe that loyalty between suppliers and customers is becoming stronger than ever. Suppliers have had to up their game regarding service levels to maintain continuity to their customer bases and make them less likely to search elsewhere. This in turn has forged stronger relationships.


Q: What are the main challenges you will face as a business this year and how will you overcome these?  

A: Our main challenges this year will certainly be to maintain our customer service levels that we currently provide as the demand for our products has rapidly increased. Our key to doing this is to be more efficient in the way we work in our factories and further investment on our production lines is currently taking place. We have also now put in place a new customer service department to ensure our teams can keep and maintain our service levels that we pride ourselves on, which has helped us continuously grow over the past 24 years.

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