kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘Consumers are more focused on sustainability’, says Abode

Exhibitor interview with product designer: Mark Staweczny, product designer from Abode


Q: What’s the process for coming up with new designs for the Abode portfolio?

A: The main consideration is always ‘is this something that consumers want or need?’ How will our product help them in terms of adding value and offering a new level of convenience?

How will our product be different from what is already out there? It’s important that, as a team of designers, we pay close attention to trend forecasts, so that we are ready to respond with a tap design to fit any situation.

This could be the latest use of colour and materials, to appliance design and room layout – all of which can have a huge bearing on which style of taps will be popular.


Q: How is the focus on sustain-ability impacting how you approach product design?

A: Consumers are more focused on sustainability and this is having a real impact on product design. However, I would say that – from our perspective at least – the impact is not so much focused on how the products are made as on how the product will help consumers live more sustainably.

This is certainly true of our filtered water taps, with customers keen to reduce the amount of single-use plastic they are using. Sustainability and energy efficiency are also key selling points for a retailer to pitch in and we see this becoming increasingly the case.

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