Episode 7 – Fineline Interiors and Virtual Worlds

Here’s episode 7 and it’s the first of a brand new week.

Another great couple of guests today

First up, we’re talking to Andy Gilmore from Fineline Interiors in the North West – he’s got a very positive perspective on this whole thing and, in particular, how being a very established, long running family business will see them through the current situation.

And then we’re going to talk technology – in particular how what’s happening is making many retailers see the potential in using technology for communicating with the clients remotely. We’ve got Nathan McClean from Virtual Worlds to give us his view on that.

As always, what are you up to? We’d love to know how you’re getting to grips with new technology and how you and your clients are finding remote meetings.

You can find host Andrew Davies on LinkedIn or email him at [email protected].

You can find Andy Gilmore on LinkedIn and find out about more about Fineline Interiors at https://finelineinteriors.co.uk/

You can find Nathan McClean on LinkedIn and find out more about Virtual Worlds at https://www.virtualworlds.co.uk/

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