BONUS PODCAST: The customer journey with Cyncly – part two

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast and welcome back to the second part of our special series in association with Cyncly.

In part one a few weeks ago, we met designers  Hugo Castro from Wilson Bathroom Company in Glasgow and Manish Hirani from Moiety Kitchens in London and we started our look at how they use Cyncly products such as Virtual Worlds and Winner to take their customer through a journey. 

Here’s the link to that episode if you haven’t heard it, and we do recommend it as it is really interesting to hear how different retailers and designers work.

In that first part, we looked at what happens during the initial consultation, and how good designers can use the software to visualise and narrow down the customer’s vision in a way that can really sell the dream.

In this second part, we’ll pick the journey up after the customer has said yes and how these Cyncly software packages can then be used to tweak, hone and adjust the details to get to that final sign off.

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