How Cyncly products can help ease the customer’s journey

Part two: Changing rooms

We’ve teamed up with Cyncly to look at how its software solutions help designers make the customer’s journey as smooth and creative as possible. In this second of a three-part series, we look at how easy it is to hone the design with the client…

When they’re at their best, kitchen and bathroom showrooms exist purely for the experience of the client. For the brief time you have together, they are not just customers, they’re collaborators and you’re their confidant. 

Manish Hirani, Moiety Kitchens
Hugo Castro, Wilson Bathroom Company

And, if you do that bit well, for years after their project is complete, they can be your champions and campaigners.

In the first part of this three-part series last month, we teamed up with two fantastic designers – Hugo Castro (pictured first right) from Wilson Bathroom Company in Glasgow and Manish Hirani (pictured far right) from Moiety Kitchens in London to look at how the Cyncly portfolio of leading software solutions helps them visualise initial ideas and concepts when they first meet the client. 

This ‘selling the dream’ stage is the one that hooks the client in and shows them not just what can be achieved in their space, but also what the designer is capable of and how much they understand their needs and tastes.

But once the dream is sold, you must move onto the reality.

Shaping, honing, tweaking and refining the details of that concept is an essential series of opinions and decisions and being able to make changes in real-time, with the client sat in front of the screen, makes their experience so much smoother and enjoyable.

“That’s hugely important to our relationship with the client,” says Manish Hirani from Moiety Kitchens. “The software generates drawings and refined visuals that are crucial throughout the entire process of designing, selling, and delivering a kitchen. The user-friendly nature of the software allows for relatively easy implementation of changes – and they are always necessary. 

“You start with the theory when you sell the project and then move onto the reality. That’s where the changes come after the customer has gone home and had sleepless nights about colours, finishes and materials and we need the software to be
user-friendly enough to make those changes quickly and effectively.”

And enabling designers to sit with the client and make changes in front of them is a crucial way of developing not just the practical project, but also their personal relationship.

“That’s such an underrated benefit,” says Hugo Castro from the Wilson Bathroom Company. “While a starting point is crucial in crafting the ideal environment, it’s only the beginning. With the software, a client’s uncertainty about a particular element, like a tile choice, can be swiftly addressed in real-time. The software enables seamless replacement, whether it’s tiles, taps, or wall colours. It’s an interactive tool that fosters collaboration between designer and client, enhancing their involvement in the process.”

This software allows design skills to shine in real-time, ultimately leaving an impression on the client about the talents of the designer – something that can only lead to further goodwill and confidence.

“My focus is squarely on the client’s experience – ensuring their journey is as seamless as possible,” explains Castro. “The software aids in this journey, but my ultimate goal is to provide clients with a clear vision of their room’s transformation.

“And I really enjoy the fact that clients can engage with the software as we use it, offering feedback and exploring possibilities. The flexibility of the software allows for easy experimentation and showcasing of different options.”

That a practical tool such as software can transform the client’s experience into a collaborative partnership rather than passive observation is an unexpected benefit and can make such a difference to their journey – and from the designer’s perspective, it can also speed up decision-making.

“Real-time tweaks in Winner software are pivotal for exceptional customer service,” Hirani says. “These are just some of the many reasons why this software holds such immense importance for my business.”

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Listen to the full interview with Hugo and Manish discussing the customer journey in a special bonus episode of The kbbreview Podcast. Listen using the player below or go straight to it in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.

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