Part three: The final step

The process of buying a new kitchen or bathroom is often described as a ‘journey’. The customer is starting in one place and ending up at a final destination after negotiating all the twists, turns, and forks in the road that lead them there.

It’s an interesting metaphor and we’ve been exploring it in this special series looking at how the Cyncly portfolio of software solutions can help retailers make that journey as smooth as possible.

But all journeys have an end and, for retailers, the sales process hopefully ends with a ‘yes’ and the happy customer commits to the sale. There’s no question that this stage is difficult for many retailers at the moment, with some customers pressing pause just ahead of that final moment as cost of living pressures make significant financial investments more uncertain.

It’s therefore more important than ever that retailers utilise every possible tool to make customers fall in love with their design and want it as soon as possible – and this where solutions such as Winner for kitchens and Virtual Worlds for bathrooms come in. “When you’re at this final stage, it’s all about the fine details of the design,” says Hugo Castro from Wilson Bathroom Company in Glasgow. “Being able to show those details to the customer in the clearest way possible really helps keep the engagement high.

“Virtual Worlds is great because pretty much all of the products come directly from the catalogues of the manufacturers so we, and the customer, know that if it’s on the design then it’s spot-on accurate. We can then customise every single detail, right down to the colour of the grout, and send or present that to the customer. This is how we keep that constant line of communication open.”

The level of detail that the Cyncly solutions allow is clearly so important at this final stage as any ambiguity or uncertainty gives the customer reasons to step back and take longer to make decisions. 


“This software is of huge importance to me and my business in how we communicate and engage with our customers,” says Manish Hirani from Moiety Kitchens in London. “I really believe that the more information you put into CAD solutions the better the results, so it’s all about attention to detail and asking the customers all the right questions.  “You then have to make sure you have the right skills – and tools – to articulate those details into the drawings. That really helps with that final presentation to the customer, as they can see you’ve understood what they want perfectly.”

Cyncly software solutions are now business-critical tools, but the key factor is understanding that it needs to be so much more than just a tool for the designers, it’s also a vital customer engagement tool too.

“For us, I think the most impressive evolution is the 4D experience,” Castro says. “To put goggles on and be inside the room with a clear sense of space awareness is incredible. “It’s so interactive and totally engages the customer at the moment we need them to be invested in us.

Cyncly is so focused on retail that it’s not just about the technical elements, they understand that we use it to bring the customer along on the journey.” Hirani agrees, saying it is the combination of helping him sell as well as design that makes it invaluable. “There is huge potential in using this design software as a marketing tool in a retail environment,” he says. “If you don’t use it that way, it’s going to make everyday business really difficult. I love Winner Flex, for example, as it allows real interaction and engagement directly with the customer – it makes them feel like they’re going on that journey with us.”

The most successful retailers are often the ones that build their businesses around the customer journey. It’s clear that Cyncly understands this perfectly and seeing how they develop new software and technology with this commitment at its core is going to be a fascinating journey in itself.

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