Episode 11 – Soaks Bathrooms and Aqualla

This is episode 11 of the kbbreview Podcast.

Today we’re taking a virtual trip over to Northern Ireland to get a view on the situation there and see how a couple of leading businesses are starting to plan for what happens on the other side of this thing.

First up, we’ve got Wayne Lyons from Soaks Bathrooms in Belfast, they were our bathroom retailer of the year at the 2019 kbbreview Retail and Design Awards and he’s got plenty of insight into setting a business up for growth and success.

And then we’ve got Steven Allaway the founder of Aqualla – they’re a brassware and showers supplier across the UK and Ireland and they’re based just outside Belfast. He’s a really interesting guy and he’s built that business to very impressive levels in less than ten years. 

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