17 – A game changer for managing installations?

This is episode 17 of the kbbreview Podcast.

This is a special episode looking a really interesting initiative that is trying to address an issue that – before the coronavirus – was cited by a survey of kbbreview retailers to be the biggest problem facing their business, and that’s quality installations.

We’ve got Damian Walters back from the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installers (BiKBBI) and he is telling us about ‘Protected’, a scheme that aims to set up a new way for consumers and retailers to interact with installers that protects everyone’s interests along the way.

And at a time when many retailers are looking at how their businesses might function after the lockdown finishes, it’s a really interesting idea.

You can find out more by going to protectmyinstall.co.uk/retailers or by calling 0800 999 1905

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