Industry welcomes Poggenpohl purchase

The kbb sector, including former UK md Martin Gill, has backed the news that Poggenpohl has been acquired by Smallbone owner Lux Group.

Kbbreview broke the news yesterday that the troubled German brand had been wholly bought by Lux Group after months of negotiations. It is a joint venture between Lux Group and tech entrepreneur Wolf Family Office.

Lux Group described the purchase as the start of a revolution that will “transform the kitchen industry like Tesla did in the automotive industry”.

Many in the industry have been using social media to welcome the move, including former global sales director and md of Poggenpohl in the UK Martin Gill (pictured), who described it as an “awesome purchase”.

“Well done to the Lux Group!” he said. “An excellent fit which should have happened years ago. I’m so pleased for the Poggenpohl family. Watch this space as Poggenpohl goes from strength to strength!

Ironically Gill, now md of And So To Bed, was also briefly the chief operating officer at Canburg – the company bought by Lux Group that previously owned Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson.

Former Poggenpohl UK sales and marketing director Phil Winter, now sales and marketing director at Italian Luxury Surfaces, also praised the acquisition. “That really is good news,” he said. “Delighted for all the great people that live and breathe Poggenpohl. Onwards & upwards!”

Simon Plumbridge, category manager for Gaggenau also said he was pleased that employees had some stability: “So glad to see some security for many friends at Poggenpohl, here and overseas.”

Former Mark Two distribution boss Nick Hopkinson said: This is great news….the industry needs a few revolutions!”

And many others agreed, Angus Kerr, sales director at Scottish retailer The Bathroom Company said it was “great news, far too good a brand not to be rescued” and Joanna Majewski, founder at luxury Danish wardrobe company Nørdikka and former Poggenpohl sales designer said it was “fantastic news! I did enjoy my time at Poggenpohl”.

Lux Group is the parent company of Smallbone of Devizes, Mark Wilkinson, McCarron & Co and Brookmans and recently unveiled its new £15m flagship showroom for Smallbone in Knightsbridge.

In a recent exclusive interview with kbbreview, Lux Group owner Ron Shemesh said he going to invest €50m in Poggenpohl.

Shemesh also confirmed that Lux Group would continue on the acquisition trial, despite any economic downturn caused by the current coronavirus situation. “Our view is absolutely and resolutely long term – and we only focus on long term trends,” he said.  “Sudden storms and black swan events are merely blips on a chart and do not impact the decision-making process.”

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