The kbbreview Unlockdown Diaries: The Wigmore Street retailer

As retail officially reopened on June 15, kbbreview asked key industry figures to keep a diary of the week as a snapshot of the post-lockdown market. Next up is Graham Robinson, showroom and design manager at Halcyon Interiors in London…





Monday, June 15, 2020

Having had a few appointments over the last week, I had eased myself in, thankfully, and as we are limiting numbers in the showroom I was still at home today.

Dropped samples to a site just round the corner, I couldn’t help getting involved with that colour debate for the outside of the house – it’s not going to be bright pink ,much to the delight of the next door neighbour for whom we did a kitchen last year.

Some design work, but as projects have been delayed due to building works going behind there has been lots of rescheduling going on.

We had sold a kitchen the previous Friday and the deposit arrived today which is always a good start to a week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In the showroom today for two appointments with new clients. They’re greeted by the rainbow we put in the window at the beginning of the lockdown as a sign of positivity and for the few people passing it creates quite a bit of interest.

Wigmore Street was very quiet, apart from the noise of digging –  they do like digging this part of the road up!

Both the meetings were very positive, one came in as a result of seeing our case study in Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine.

Popped to Zara to take back all the stuff I thought I needed at start of lockdown, what was I thinking buying leisure wear?!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A site visit with a beautiful view. We installed it through the lockdown as fitters work on their own and were left alone too, they loved that they could get everywhere so quickly. Parking in London was dream too.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Back at home, design revisions, lots of conversations with clients that are at all stages of their kitchen journey. I have found they all have lots of time to talk but also lots of time to think and worry about things so it’s been a counselling process with lots of reassurance and advice. I have also found that as people have been at home more we’ve had lots of enquiries for appliance replacements.

I have also had more time too by not travelling to work, so Twiggy the dog has had a lot more walks!

Friday, June 19, 2020

The week was building to today, three appointments all in depth and all very detailed.

First client has been talking to us for about a year and they wanted to go through everything, they were really relaxed and have chosen everything down to where the  tin foil is going.

Second is already sold but now building works have started I just wanted to confirm everything. Again, lots of discussion, and it’s interesting as they’re in a senior job role at a big chain where big labels are sold at low prices, so it’s good to have insight into where they are.

We took the third clients on during lockdown and have had Zoom meetings with them up until now and, although they were positive meetings, it was so much easier to physically show them things. One of first things the wife said was ‘I get the attention to detail now’.

I was exhausted, as all three were virtually back to back and could not cope with public transport so I got a black cab home.

In fact, overall it has been a really positive start to getting back to normal. The most challenging thing has just been matching the face covering to my outfit to do public transport!

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